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Restitution Payments

Making a Payment

  • If you pay your Probation fees via eCheck/ACH the convenience fee is $1.49.
  • If you pay your Restitution, Fines, and Fees via Debit or Credit card the convenience fee will be 2.39% of the transaction amount.

A confirmation number does not constitute a paid receipt until the account has been debited.

Additional Information on Convenience Fees

The County of Imperial contracts with a third party vendor to accept credit card, debit card, and e-check payments on our behalf over the internet or through our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. The vendor is bonded and partnered with the major credit card companies. Your transaction is securely guarded and county personnel do not have access to your personal or banking information. All fees are paid to the 3rd party vendor, not the County of Imperial.


NOT ALL ACCOUNTS ARE APPROPRIATE FOR ELECTRONIC PAYMENTS. Certain accounts, such as home equity lines of credit and brokerage accounts, may not be acceptable to the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. If you plan to use an account other than a standard bank checking or savings account, please check with your financial institution before submitting payment. A returned-item fee will be charged for any e-check that is rejected by the bank for any reason. “I AM AWARE THAT MY BANK ACCOUNT WILL BE DEBITED FOR THE PAYMENT AMOUNT PLUS ANY FEE NOTED ABOVE. I understand and agree that any mistake, or failure by the bank to pay the County the prescribed amount, is my responsibility.”

Juvenile Fees

As of January 1, 2018, Senate Bill 190 prevents local agencies from charging certain fees to a youth and their parents or guardians for a youth’s involvement in the juvenile delinquency system on or after that date. Under Senate Bill (SB) 190, you will not be charged the following fees beginning on January 1, 2018:

Detention Fees

Food, clothing, personal supplies, or medical care in juvenile hall or any other detention facility.

Court-appointed lawyer fees

Public Defender or court-appointed lawyer

Electronic supervision and monitoring fees

Ankle monitors or any other GPS tracking device - You may still be liable for costs to replace a discarded or damaged device as ordered by the court

Probation and home supervision fees

For the period of probation monitoring

Drug testing fees

Court-ordered drug testing and results

Any fees incurred prior to January 1, 2018 are still due and payable to Imperial County.

In addition, youth and their families may still be charged for:

  • Restitution payments to crime victims
  • Restitution fines paid to a state restitution fund
  • Vehicle Code Fines

If you have additional questions about a bill or letter you have received from Imperial County about your child and the juvenile delinquency system, please contact your child’s attorney or the County department that sent the bill or letter.